Preceptor’s Primer for Bayesian Data Science: Using the Cardinal Virtues for Inference


David Kane


The Primer is being re-written. Consider it all to be a draft, at least for now. There are three major changes in progress. First, I am switching from rstanarm to brms. (If you disagree with this change, please let me know!) Second, I am standardizing the usage of the Cardinal Virtues. Third, I am using AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude to help with both writing and coding.


This isn’t the book you’re looking for.

First, the book is for students in my classes. Everything about the book is designed to make the experience of those students better. I hope that some of the material here may be useful to people outside of this class.

Second, the book changes all the time. It is as up-to-date as possible.

Third, I am highly opinionated about what matters and what does not. You might not share my views.