About this package

primer.tutorials provides the tutorials used in the Primer for Bayesian Data Science.


You can install the the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Accessing tutorials

In order to access the tutorials, start by loading the package.



You can access the tutorials via the Tutorial pane in the top right tab in RStudio. Click “Start tutorial”. If you don’t see any tutorials, try clicking the “Home” button – the little house symbol with the thin red roof in the upper right.



In order to expand the window, you can drag and enlarge the tutorial pane inside RStudio. In order to open a pop-up window, click the “Show in New Window” icon next to the home icon.

You may notice that the Jobs tab in the lower left will create output as the tutorial is starting up. This is because RStudio is running the code to create the tutorial. If you accidentally clicked “Start Tutorial” and would like to stop the job from running, you can click the back arrow in the Jobs tab, and then press the red stop sign icon. Your work will be saved between RStudio sessions, meaning that you can complete a tutorial in multiple sittings. Once you have completed a tutorial, follow the instructions on the tutorial Submit page and (if you’re a student) submit the downloaed rds file as instructed.